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[For International Students of Ewha] ‘OIA English Tutorial’ is Offered during the Winter Break

  For international students of Ewha, ‘OIA English Tutorial’ will be offered by the International Student Affairs Team of the Office of

  International Affairs during the winter break! The purpose of ‘OIA English Tutorial’ is to help foreign students at Ewha to have a solid

  foundation of English grammar. We hope international students at Ewha will make good use of it!

As part of EAASIS (Ewha Academic Assistance System for International Students), the OIA English Tutorial’ is offered without any additional fees or credits.


How to Register for ‘OIA English Tutorial’


   1. Eligible Students: Any foreign students of Ewha who need a solid foundation of English grammar  

   2. Time and Date


     1) OIA English Tutorial I: Understanding English Sentence Structures(Please refer to the attached Syllabus for OIA English Tutorial I’)


       - Period: 2019. 12/26 2020. 1/16


       - Day: Every Thursday (12/26, 1/2, 1/9, 1/16)


       - Time: 12:30pm 3:00pm


       - Classroom: B321 (ECC)


     2) OIA English Tutorial II: Understanding English Grammar(Please refer to the attached Syllabus for OIA English Tutorial II’)


       - Period: 2019. 12/27 2020. 1/17


       - Day: Every Friday (12/27, 1/3, 1/10, 1/17)


       - Time: 3:30pm 6:00pm


       - Classroom: B137 (ECC)


    3. How to register: Fill in the attached ‘Application Form for OIA English Tutorial I & II’ and send it to knpark@ewha.ac.kr  by 2019. 12. 18.

    4. Professor in charge: Prof. Kyungnan Park (Professor for Special Appointment in the Office of International Affairs)


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