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Fall 2019 Guide on Application for Alien Registration / Visa Extension On-Campus Service

Guide on Application for Alien Registration / Visa Extension

On-Campus Service


To reside in Korea for more than 3 months, you must apply for alien registration within 90 days of arriving in Korea. Accordingly, the International Student Affairs Team (ISAT) will provide an alien registration on-campus Service through the Korean Immigration Service Foundation(KISF). In addition, the office is providing a visa extension service as well for degree-seeking students whose visas are expiring in September 2019. For those who would like to apply for such services, please apply online, prepare the required documents and visit ECC B337 during the dates when the on-campus service is provided. For those who are applying for alien registration, please be noted that you must visit the immigration office in order to your fingerprints.


Eligibility: D-2 visa holding degree-seeking freshmen, enrolled students and exchange / visiting students

-       Students with other visa types and registered students are NOT eligible for alien registration)

(D-2 visa holding enrolled students can apply for visa extension)

-       Students who already have alien registration number are NOT eligible.


Pre-Registration:  ~ September 8th (Sun), 2019 at http://kisfvisa.org (online)

-       ONLY pre-registered students can use alien registration on-campus service.

-       You must pre-register only fist and prepare the required documents in order to use the on-campus service


Schedule of Alien Registration and Visa Extension On-Campus Service



Available Services

September 9th ~ 10th, 2019

10:00 ~ 16:30

(Lunch Break 12:00 ~ 13:00)

*Alien Registration,

Visa extension

September 23rd, 2019

Visa Extension

Fingerprint-registration: September 24th ~ 27th, 2019

(You CANNOT use the on-campus service other than the above dates)


Venue: ECC B337


Required Documents:

  Application form (downloadable from the KISF website)


  Photocopy of passport

  Power of Attorney: printable from KISF’s website

  Photocopy of D-2 visa page on your passport

  Color ID Photograph (3.5cm*4.5cm) Check the Immigration Offices Standard

  Certificate of studentship(enrolled students) / Certificate of course completion(course completed students available from August 30th, 2019)

      Degree-Seeking: Available at Eureka or Student Service Center

      Exchange/Visiting: You may find in your Orientation Packet.

                            If you need an additional copy, please visit OIA (ECC B334)

  Medical Certificate for tuberculosis examination issued by Seodaemun Community Health Center within 3 months Students who acquire D-2 visa after 2016. 07. do not need to submit medical certificate.

  For graduate school students who have completed their course work: Confirmation Form for Faculty Advisor on a Students Thesis Schedule with your academic advisors signature or seal and the confirmation of the administrative staff at the International Student Affairs Team (For GSIS students, please receive confirmation from the staff at GSIS)

  For undergraduate students who are taking an additional semester to take courses: Confirmation Form for taking Excessive Semester with your academic advisors signature or seal and the confirmation of the administrative staff at the International Student Affairs Team

For those who are subjected to number 9 and 10 should have your bank statement ready as well (over a balance of USD 10,000 for a year extension, under the bank account of your name


  Fee: Cash only KRW 40,000(alien registration), KRW 60,000 or 70,000(visa extension)


Check Standard Photo Size of Immigration Office:



Where to take ID Photo

    Ewha Photo Studio: Located near student restaurant lobby at Human Ecology Building (02-3277-4866)

    Photo Booth: Located in Ewha Womans University Subway Station


Important Notes on the Service

-       It is expected to take about four weeks for alien registration and visa extension

-       The immigration office has notified the school that they will put priority on group applications than individual applications submitted after August 12th, 2019. Therefore, if you are planning to go to the immigration office after August 12th, we advise you to apply through group application.

-       Please be aware that your D-2 visa will automatically expire when you travel out of Korea before receiving your alien registration card. Please make sure to bring all the required documents and refer to the attached file for the details on the procedures of on-campus application and required documents.

-       For more detailed information on visa / sojourn regulations, please visit the Immigration Office website (www.hikorea.go.kr) or call +82-1345.


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