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[문화체육관광부 해외문화홍보원] 2022 K-인플루언서 아카데미 2022 K-influencer Academy





Want to be the next influencer for Korea?

Be the next YouTube creator of Korean cultural content.

Welcome to the 3rd K-influencer Academy, a YouTube training program for Korea lovers.


o Who

If you love Korea and want to be a YouTube creator, regardless of your nationality, language, or location, you are welcome to apply!


o Selection criteria

- Enthusiasm

- Those with experience producing Korea-related content will be given priority


o How

Please fill out the form below by entering your information in each section.

Application form: https://forms.gle/rjqLPipMUTHvVeB37


o Program benefits

- YouTube channel growth consulting

- Content creation grant

- YouTube channel promotion & marketing

- Take part in on/offline festivals

- The 2022 Best K-influencer will have the opportunity to visit Korea

*Individual participation and circumstances may affect the program's benefits.


o Application period: April 18 - May 8, (KST)


o Q&A: K-influencer Academy Office (kinfluencer2022@gmail.com)


o Curious about the activities of the K-influencer?

Check out the K-influencer YouTube channel and Korea.net YouTube channel for some examples of activities of the K-influencers.



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