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Call for Application: 2024 Syensqo (former Solvay) Scholarship

Call for Application: 2024 Syensqo (former Solvay) Scholarship


1. Eligibility

  - Graduate School student from developing countries* enrolled in Spring 2024 

    who is expected to graduate in or after February 2026

    *North America, Europe, Russia are excluded

  - Major: STEM fields

  - Students from the joint research lab of Solvay: not eligible

  - Recipients of other scholarships: not eligible


2. Application Period: ~ 2024. 1. 5.(Fri) 16:00 (KST)


3. Syensqo Scholarship

Coverage (per semester)

  Payment Period

Payment Method

Master’s: 10,000,000 KRW

Doctoral: 12,000,000 KRW

2024 Spring ~ 2025 Fall

(Max 4 semesters)

Tuition fee: applied to the tuition bill

Living expenses: payed to student’s bank account

Combined Master’s and Doctoral: 1st ~ 4th semesters 10,000,000 KRW/ 5th semester~ 12,000,000 KRW


4. Required Documents and Application Procedure

  - Fill in the attached form and submit it with the signed recommendation letter from 

    the academic advisor in one PDF format file

    (File name: Department_Name (in English)/

    Email title: Syensqo 신청_Name_Student ID (in Korean))

  - Submit to Office of Scholarship via email (scholarship@ewha.ac.kr)

    *All the submitted documents must be written in English


5. Selection Process and Result Announcement

  - around January 22nd : Document Evaluation & Interview (individual presentation included)

  - around January 29th: Announcement of final result

    *All the process will be conducted by Syensqo with individual notifications


Inquiry: Office of Scholarship (02-3277-2274)

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