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Join Us for Chuseok with ROCKs!



ROCKs is a small student group selected for the Ewha Womans University DnA project. (We have a faculty advisor!)


Last month, on August 29th, we successfully hosted an event with international student friends on the theme of welcoming new students to campus. (Stay tuned for reviews on Instagram!)


This Chuseok, with the heartfelt desire that our international student friends have an even better time, we have prepared a  event for next Wednesday, September 27th, at 6:00 PM. 


How about joining us the day before Chuseok to make Songpyeon together and enjoy a meal of Bibimbap as we celebrate the holiday?


You can sign up for the event using the form below. 


🔗 https://forms.gle/TN72j8p3CEnRxKHx8


*Date: 2023.09.27. (Wed), 6 PM-8 PM

*Location: A party room in Shinchon(Details will be provided to registrants.)

*Participation is open exclusively to international undergraduate students at Ewha Womans University.

*Fee: 5,000 won (Includes dinner and Songpyeon-making (dessert)!)

*Due to limited seats, registration may close early. 


[Feel free to reach out for inquiries!]

Email: rocks.korea.ew@gmail.com

Instagram: @we_rocks_korea


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